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Stuff I Like


My beloved home. People who know me well are used to me constantly talking about Cleveland and how great it is, and most of the time, they probably think I’m crazy. The city of Cleveland does not have a good public image; some of that is deserved, but mostly, that negatively is coming from people who have never been there and have no idea what the hell they are talking about. Yes, downtown Cleveland is slowly dying. Yes, there is an airport that gets used twice a day on prime real estate right on Lake Erie (imagine instead of the Navy Pier in Chicago there is an ugly airport used by 3 planes per day). Yes, the city council is full of corruption, ignorance, and people who are not forward thinkers. Yes, there are no jobs. Cleveland definately has its problems,  but I am hopeful that with some of the big projects breaking ground, and a change in leadership, that Cleveland will see a major revitalization and start getting the respect it deserves.

Everything that makes a city great, Cleveland has. If you want great food, culture, art, museums, green spaces, ethnic neighborhoods, Cleveland has these in droves!!!! Here are some of the reasons why I love Cleveland so much, and why it will always be home.

cleveland museum of art – One of the great art museums in the United States, and the world. This is where my love of art began, where I took classes as a child, and where I still love to visit today.    www.clevelandart.org

cleveland natural history museum –  I was obsessed with this place when I was young!! Though it can’t compare to the Field Museum in Chicago, or the Museum of Natural History in New York, Clevelands museum has a wonderful dinosaur collection, and very nice new geology section, and a world renowned gem collection. Ankylosaurus rules!!!!www.cmnh.org

cleveland orchestra – One of the original “Big 5″ United States Orchestras, informally referring to the 5 best orchestras in the United States. The Cleveland Orchestra has kept that distinction to this day, and depending on who you talk to, should be referred to as the “Big 2 or 3″. Severance Hall where the orchestra plays is an architectural, and acoustic gem. www.clevelandorchestra.com

Little Italy – one of the wonderful and best Little Italy’s in the country. Blocks and blocks of phenominal food, great art, and authentic Italian atmosphere. www.littleitalycleveland.com

Mama Santas – Not only the best pizza in Cleveland’s Little Italy, but in the world as well. www.mamasantas.com

Presti’s Bakery and Corbo’s Bakery –  2 traditional, family bakeries serving homemade, wonderful Italian breads, cookies and cakes.

Tremont – one of the oldest areas in Cleveland, full of historic churches, buildings, and homes. This area has been brought back to life with an influx of great restaurants, art galleries, and bars. The gallery I’m at in Cleveland is here: www.eyecandy-gallery.com  To learn more about this dynamic area, go to: www.restoretremont.com

West Side Market – not only a beautifully designed, historic building; but inside you will find some of the best and freshest foods on the planet. Fresh meats, pasta, traditional hungarian foods, produce, dairy, bakeries. All local, and all wonderful!! www.westsidemarket.org

Coventry –  a great little eclectic area in Cleveland. Lots of great restaurants, shops and live music. www.coventryvillage.org

Grog Shop – a simply great, live music venue. Always hosting great underground, and up-and-coming bands of all genres. Right on Coventry.  www.grogshop.gs 

Master Pizza –   a superb local pizza place in my hometown of Mayfield Heights. whenever i come back to cleveland, my first meal is ALWAYS  one of their calzones!!! i have no idea how many of their frozen calzones my parents have brought me over the years. www.masterpizza.net

LaRich’s Pizza – another great local pizza joint from my hometown. it has always been a mystery to me how pizza hut can stay in business with so much great local pizza in the mayfield heights area. www.larichs-pizza.com

Geraci’s – yet another great, local, family owned Cleveland pizzeria!!!! and yes, i love pizza if you couldn’t figure it out!!  www.geracisrestaurant.net

Grandpa’s Cheese Barn – if there is a heaven on earth, this is absolutely it!!!! i’ve been to switzerland, france, and italy, and grandpa’s still makes the best cheese i have ever had!!! www.grandpascheesebarn.com

Slyman’s – simply the greatest corned beef on the planet. If you think you have had better, you are wrong. www.slymans.com

Melt – another great Cleveland restaurant. This one specializing in grilled cheese!! This place is getting rave reviews from all over the country!!!   www.meltbarandgrilled.com

Cuyahoga Valley National Park – a gorgeous, serene, and pleasant escape from the noise and chaos of urban life. Only about 20-30 minutes from downtown. www.nps.gov/cuva

Amish Country – just about an hour south of Cleveland is a place where you can journey into the past!!! Besides being a place where time seems to stand still, this is also a place to find incredible amish cooking and bakery, arts and crafts, Ohio wineries, and romantic getaways. And Grandpa’s Cheese Barn is nearby as well!!! www.visitamishcountry.com, www.ohioamishcountry.com

Playhouse Square – the country’s largest performing arts center outside of New York, and one of Cleveland’s great cultural treasures. www.playhousesquare.org

Cleveland Metroparks –


drive-by truckers – to me, the greatest band out there today. www.drivebytruckers.com

dead confederate – like the Truckers, another more modern southern rock band. More psychedelic, Zepplyn influenced. www.deadconfederate.com

Misfits – what can one say about this groundbreaking and influencial band?? they have influenced so many artists today, its incredible. and with the combination of danzigs voice and haunting, fast rythems, it doesn’t get much more “dark” than that!! www.misfits.com

rancid – such a great band, for so, so long. always have remained true to their punk roots, and are amazing live!!! www.rancidrancid.com

merle haggard –   an absolute american legend. living legend i should say. i can’t urge you enough to go see him perform. merle is right up there with Johnny Cash, Hank Sr. and Bob Dylan as the most talented and influencial singer/songwriters in any genre of music. its too bad country music today is so absolutely horrible compared to how it was back in the day. www.merlehaggard.com

willie nelson – maybe the greatest songwriter ever. awesome guitarist, playing the most recognizable guitar in music. rebel, hippie, cowboy, outlaw, environmentalist, willie nelson is all of those things. there is not one word to describe another of america’s living legends. he transcends labels. i’ve seen him perform 10 times and have never, ever been disappointed. www.willienelson.com

pietasters –  the greatest ska band ever!!!!!   www.thepietasters.com

the business – one of the great punk/oi bands ever. and also one of the most influencial and trailblazing. still touring in the states today!!

elvis – the king. plain and simple…… who knows what music may be like today without elvis’s blending of so many different styles into what we know as rock and roll. www.elvis.com

iggy pop and the stooges –    www.iggyandthestoogesmusic.com 

nicole and amy’s band,cleveland orchestra, rob zombie, dead kennedy’s, glenn miller, ccr,


shonto begay, p.a. nisbet, curt walters, bruce aiken, gmc, van gogh,elizabeth black, seurat, signac, picasso, gaugin, r. crumb, harvey


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grca wolf recovery, greenpeace, defenders of wildlife, blue lake green city (cleveland) union of concerned scientists, sierra club, plastic free ocean,nrdc, willametter riverkeepers,


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